Newsletter Volume 37 June – 2024


Volume 37

Dear Reader, 

This is volume number 37 of Organic Egypt project newsletter. It reviews our activities in June 2024 and illustrates all interventions conducted with our partners, the Integral Development Action of Minia (IDAM) and the Egyptian Biodynamic Association (EBDA).

Eid Adha Mubark! We hope you all had a beautiful and relaxing time.

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Training on Soil Life and Soil Fertility

Organic Egypt conducted a three-day training for the partner association, EBDA, on soil life and soil fertility. On the first day of the training, the lecturer started with soil structure and types, emphasizing the importance of healthy soil for successful farming practices. The training also covered topics such as composting methods, both compost and compost tea, and the role of microorganisms in soil health. On the second and third day, there were several practical sessions where participants had hands-on experience on how to assess soil health through simple tests and observations, as well as the techniques of weed suppression and inhibiting pests and diseases. At the end of the session, on the last day, there was an examination for all participants, and the results were successful for the majority of attendees. Overall, the training provided a comprehensive understanding of soil health and practical skills that can be applied to improve farming practices.

Training on Agricultural Marketing

Organic Egypt organized a three day training for the partner association IDAM on agricultural marketing. The first day addressed the main topics related to the principle of agricultural marketing, the concepts and application of marketing in organic foods, and the crucial marketing tools for changing markets. The second day focused on collective marketing strategies and all the needed processes for market information, such as market price inquiries and marketing research. On the last day of the training, participants learned about negotiation skills, elements, processes, and all the qualities needed for a talented negotiator. They also practiced real-life negotiation scenarios to enhance their skills and confidence. Overall, the training covered all aspects of agricultural marketing, from understanding the basics to mastering advanced methods.


Soil Lab for Chemical and Microbiological Analysis for EBDA Members

Our partner association, EBDA, began launching a soil lab for chemical and microbiological analysis to provide members with affordable soil lab analysis services. The aim is to provide smallholder farmers with the required information needed for their soil properties and the nutrients necessary for optimal crop growth, as well as the necessary recommendations to improve the conditions of their lands. With the support of the Organic Egypt project, the necessary equipment and tools to run the lab were purchased. Through this laboratory, farmers are able to make informed decisions on fertilization and irrigation practices to optimize their agricultural production.

Local Farmers Markets for IDAM members

Together with our partner association IDAM, Organic Egypt is organizing local farmers markets in 4 villages in Minia. The Markets are for IDAM members to exhibit and sell their products and to empower them by providing a dedicated place to showcase and sell their locally produced goods at fair and competitive prices. The local market will offer numerous benefits, including direct access to consumers, fair pricing by eliminating intermediaries, fostering community support, and increasing visibility for local producers. Additionally, this market will encourage sustainable farming practices and promote organic products, enhancing the overall quality of goods available to consumers. By participating in this market, IDAM members can build stronger connections within the community and create lasting economic growth for the region. We are excited to see the positive impact this initiative will bring to Minia and its local producers.


Recipe Videos for consumer awareness

Organic Egypt, in cooperation with RDNA Food Store, is producing recipe videos to raise awareness about natural, local, and organic food. This June, RDNA celebrated one of the Islamic holidays, "Eid al-Adha," which is famous for people eating meat in their traditional dishes. RDNA showcased a traditional recipe named "Meat Fattah," which is a popular dish during Eid al-Adha celebrations. The meat comes from an EBDA member Farm in Sharqia and RDNA did a video on how the sheeps are raised and processed in a sustainable and ethical manner, highlighting the importance of knowing where the food comes from. The second recipe was "Kafta Tacos," which offers a modern twist on traditional Middle Eastern flavors, also here the meat from an EBDA member farm is used. RDNA continues to promote sustainable and ethical food practices while incorporating diverse cultural influences into their monthly recipes, which reflect Egyptian cuisine.


Translation of the Book “The Secrets of Miss Honeybee” into arabic language

Organic Egypt accomplished the translation of "The Secrets of Miss Honeybee" into Arabic, allowing more readers to enjoy the story and learn about sustainable beekeeping practices. The translation became simpler and easier to understand for all ages , making it accessible to a wider audience. This effort further promotes awareness and appreciation for sustainable beekeeping practices in the Arabic-speaking community. Furthermore, the Egyptian culture and history of beekeeping are highlighted in the translated book, providing readers with a deeper understanding of the significance of bees in Egyptian society. The publication of the book reaches schools and public libraries in order to educate and inspire the future generation about the importance of honey and beekeeping.


Participation at Fi Africa - Propak MENA Exhibition

Organic Egypt team participated in Fi Africa - ProPak MENA, which is a one-stop sourcing platform for the latest and most innovative solutions for the food and beverage manufacturing value chain from ingredients to packaging in Egypt and the region. The event gave everyone the chance to discover the latest in ingredients, packaging, processing, and logistics solutions. The team showcased the vision and mission of the Organic Egypt project and networked with industry professionals to explore potential partnerships and collaborations, such as the AHDO Company for Training and the Egyptian Organization For Standardization & Quality (EOS), as well as representatives of the National Food Safety Authority. We discussed opportunities for building professional relationships together and contributing to seminars and conferences focused on sharing ideas and innovations in the field of sustainable agriculture. We left the exhibition feeling motivated and excited about the future prospects for organic farming in Egypt.