Newsletter Volume 28 – September 2023

Dear Reader, 

This is volume number 28 of Organic Egypt project newsletter. It reviews our activities in September 2023 and illustrates all interventions conducted with our partners, the Integral Development Action of Minia (IDAM) and Demeter Egypt (EBDA).

We hope you enjoy the read!


Training on EoL Standard

Organic Egypt organized a two-day training for the partner association EBDA on the Economy of Love standards and the microloans that are included. The focal point of this training was to learn the basic conditions for lending and also discussing different loan systems like (renewable energy and irrigation systems loans).

Additionally, the EBDA engineers learned how they can transfer this knowledge and information to the farmers. The training was supported by practical illustrations and dynamic discussions and was a very interactive training with high engagement and interest from the trainees.

Training on Organic Animal Husbandry and beekeeping

A three-day training on organic animal husbandry and beekeeping was organized for IDAM team. The training is part of the year-long organic agricultural extension diploma program developed by Organic Egypt, covering crucial topics in organic agriculture. This program aims to empower professionals in organic agriculture and promote sustainable practices in the field.

With the participation of 18 engineers and facilitators from IDAM, the training focused on the different methods of raising farm animals and knowledge of organic feeding methods as well as common diseases that infect farm animals. Besides, the organic practices for beekeeping.

Training on Agricultural Cooperative

Organic Egypt conducted a four-day workshop for its partner IDAM on the topic of agricultural cooperatives including; its principles, how to establish it and how to run it. Over three intensive days, participants delved into cooperative principles, values, relevant laws, and regulations through interactive group work. The fourth day included a visit to well-established cooperatives in Fayoum, offering insights into agricultural, oriental carpets, and textile cooperatives.


Farmer Field School on IDAM Demo plots

The Agricultural Learning Center (ALC) of IDAM aims to showcase sustainable/organic agricultural cultivation methods. With the support of Organic Egypt, IDAM team designed 2 demo plots of ½ feddan of basil and ½ feddan of sesame for the summer season cultivation.

This September, the fourth and last farmer field school for the summer season was held with 30 IDAM members. The topics of this farmer field school were about the harvest and post harvest procedures aside to the specifications needed for exportation, the school included a practical part on how to dry sesame and basil beside how to use the sieving technique! IDAM staff as well as the farmers gave very positive feedback on the farmer field schools for this summer season!

Economy of Love Carbon Credit (EoL CC) - Updates 

Recently, EoL has successfully sold 150 voluntary carbon credits. The credits are representing 150 tons of sequestered and avoided CO2. EBDA is directing the revenue of these credits to 15 EoL-certified farms across Egypt.

This is one of the first bigger offtakers for the newly onboarded credits demonstrating the value of its carbon scheme and the impact of its farmers on climate change mitigation. By selling carbon credits, EoL not only generates additional income for its farmers, but also creates awareness and trust among consumers and producers about the benefits of regenerative organic agriculture. EoL believes that through a transparent economic system, responsible consumers and producers can actively protect nature, and ensure that every person across the supply chain is fairly compensated and protected from exploitation.


Recipe Videos for consumer awareness

Organic Egypt in cooperation with RDNA Food store, is producing recipe videos to raise awareness on natural, local and organic food. The recipe videos are a short, fun, visual way to communicate with the consumers and easy to do at home. This month, many different, informative and funny recipes were released. They included Mango Red Pepper Salad, Mango Prickly Pear Smoothie, Kmt Burger, Watermelon Mint, Chicken Pesto Pasta, Mango Basil & Lemon Drink, Meatballs Spaghetti. All recipe videos can be found on Organic Egypt and RDNA social media platforms.

Video on the success story of EBDA members

In light of Organic Egypt and EBDA cooperation to raise awareness, several videos on the benefits of organic and biodynamic farming were produced. 2 videos on the success stories and inspirations of EBDA members, sharing their stories, challenges and benefits to inspire other farmers to convert their farms to a sustainable agricultural practice were shooted and published.

Also 2 videos about the benefits of biological fertilizers and how to use it were shooted and published. The videos can be watched on the social media channels of EBDA and Organic Egypt.

“Grow Organic” Competition  

Organic Egypt Project, in collaboration with the Faculty of Organic Agriculture at Heliopolis University, conducted the second round of the “Grow Organic” competition. The competition aimed to bridge the gap between scientific research institutions, universities, and Egyptian farmers by creating simplified arabic organic manuals. The competition was open to students and graduates of Egyptian universities, and attracted 260 participants from 22 different universities across the country. A committee of experts in organic agriculture evaluated the submitted manuals and selected six winners, each of whom created a manual on a different crop. The list of crops, from which the participants of the competition could choose, were selected by the farmers of our partners association.

The winners of the competition are:

- Nour Allah Khaled, a student from Heliopolis University, created a manual on "Cultivation and Production of Organic Chamomile". She won the first place in the student category.

- Muhammad Hussein, a student from Ain Shams University, created a manual on "Cultivation and Production of Organic Thyme". He won the second place in the student category.

- Ali Hassan, a student from Alexandria University, created a manual on "Cultivation and Production of Organic Oranges". He won the third place in the student category.

- Al-Shaima Wael, a graduate from Ain Shams University, created a manual on "Growing and Producing Organic Tomatoes". She won the first place in the graduates category.

- Rana Hani, a graduate from Cairo University, created a manual on "Organic Olive Production". She won the second place in the graduates category.

- Fathi Yacoub, a graduate from Benha University, created a manual on "The Cultivation of Organic Palm Dates". He won the third place in the graduates category.

The manuals created by the winners of the competition will be published and distributed to farmers and other stakeholders in the organic sector and will be made available online on the project's website and social media platforms.


Social Initiative Forum “Technology in Agriculture”

The World Social Initiative Forum (SIF) under the theme "Technology in Agriculture" was held in September at the Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development. It was a joint initiative between the Heliopolis University and the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, which supports medium-sized companies from Bavaria and Egypt to connect and come into business relations and get access to international markets. The event, which was attended by 200 participants, centered around the crucial role of Technology in Agriculture within the context of international cooperation and its impact on Sustainable Development. Through discussions on innovative agricultural technologies, educational initiatives, and collaborative research efforts, the event aimed to foster new ideas and partnerships. By engaging local and international organizations, companies, and individuals, it was aimed to drive practical solutions and support sustainable development practices in agriculture for a greener and more prosperous future. 

The event included honoring the winners of “Grow Organic” competition, followed by speakers representing German and Egyptian companies. The day concluded with a panel discussion on the role of technology in agriculture.


Participation at “Partnership Development for Climate Adaptation in Arabic States” Event

Representatives from Organic Egypt project attended an event titled: Partnership Development for Climate Adaptation in Arabic States, at the American University in Cairo. The event was jointly organized by J-PAL, a global research center working to reduce poverty, the Arab Water Council, National Institute for Governance and Sustainable Development, and the Ministry of Planning and Economic development and aimed at addressing the escalating effects of climate change and environmental degradation.

Organic Egypt team attended different panel discussions and interactive sessions aimed to identify environmental challenges and share climate adaptation solutions. Organic Egypt team had the opportunity to connect with different stakeholders and expand their professional network.

Participation at African Climate Summit in Kenya

During the African Climate Summit and Climate Week, EBDA and Organic Egypt representatives engaged in a series of events and discussions that left a lasting impact. The organization's representatives had the privilege of meeting with influential figures and institutions such as the African Carbon Market initiative, the World Bank, the CEO of Gold Standard, Root Capital, the Rabobank, Acorn, the Cash Coalition and the UN high-level climate champions. These meetings provided a valuable platform for sharing insights and strategies for our activities in Egypt, contributing to the broader global effort to combat climate change.

In the days following the Climate Week, the organization's representatives held highly productive meetings with the management of KUZA and Limbua company. Both of them work with thousands of smallholder farmers. The primary objective was to explore opportunities for cooperation and implement their innovative learning platform and agripreneur system to serve thousands of smallholder farmers in Egypt. These connections and collaborations will play an important role in the ongoing efforts of Organic Egypt project and its partners to promote organic farming practices and contributing to climate resilience and food security in the region.