Newsletter Volume 14 – July 2022

Dear Reader, 

This is the fifteenth newsletter of Organic Egypt project.  It reviews our activities in August 2022 and illustrates all interventions conducted with our partners IDAM and Demeter Egypt (EBDA).

We hope you are all doing well and hope you enjoy the reading!

Stay safe and healthy!


Training on organic Lemon production

A training on organic lemon production was conducted by Dr. Elsayd Qaoud to our partner associations. Dr. Elsayd explained lemon cultivation methods and pre- and post-harvest treatments. He also listened to the challenges that the engineers face on the field and gave recommendations on how to solve them. With the engineers, he discussed the problems regarding weather and climate changes they encounter and how to handle them and consult the farmers best.

Training on EoL Carbon Credits questionnaire on ERP Next

EBDA field engineers are receiving continuous training on the ERP Next software for member management as well as data collection for the Economy of Love impacTrace and Carbon Credits.

The training was conducted by the IT specialists Eng. Kareem Salah, who explained how to fill every indicator in the ERP Next to ensure good quality reports of data output. The participants had the chance to explain the challenges they face on the field and how to properly use the software, it was a very helpful training for the engineers to better understand the software and its functions.

Training on the principles of organic agriculture

The consultant Dr. Hassan Aboubakr conducted a training for 8 new employees of Organic Egypt project and its partners Demeter Egypt’s (EBDA) and IDAM in the principles of organic and biodynamic agriculture. Included were also the principles of composting, certification and the relation between agriculture and climate change and how to best use and adapt the different systems to combat climate change. Also Eng. Walaa Mohamed from the local certification center COAE made a session on the different certification systems and the differences in their standard. The training was mainly to give all new employees a common understanding of the challenges the world has and how to best consult the farmers that want to convert and to enhance the organic sector in Egypt.


Agricultural learning center using renewable energy for IDAM member

At IDAMs Agricultural Learning Center in Minia, the first step was successfully completed in July 2022, the establishment of a solar pumping system for irrigation. This will provide the learning and demonstration center a renewable and sustainable source of energy for its irrigation system. The head of the coptic catholic diocese of Minia, Anba Basilius Fawzy attended the inauguration of the solar pump!


RDNA Activities for Healthy Eating

In the collaboration framework of RDNA with Organic Egypt, a series of awareness sessions about healthy eating and healthy food took place at Kmt house in Maadi for consumers and RDNA team. New food brands were presented like “Dr. Food”, “Felfelaty” and RDNA partner brand “Omelette”. Each brand gets the chance to present their products and discuss with customers about the food quality and the importance of healthy food.

Recipe Videos for consumer awareness

In light of RDNA and Organic Egypt cooperation to raise awareness RDNA is campaigning for Organic vs Conventional products, inviting consumers to “switch” from conventionally produced to organic products, by sharing recipe videos which are healthy, engaging and easy to do at home like “Muhamara Dip”,”Baked Cherry Tomatoes & Feta Cheese”,”Herby Zucchini Frittata”, “ Kofta Yogurt” and “Keto Flaxseed bread”. The recipe videos include products from IDAM and EBDA partner farms, as well as other organic and clean products. The recipe videos can be watched on the social media platforms of RDNA and Organic Egypt.


Demeter Egypt association (EBDA) attending BIOFACH 2022

Organic Egypt project supports its partner associations in networking, upscaling and marketing; thus, EBDA with the support of Organic Egypt and Demeter international attended BIOFACH 2022 in Nuremberg, Germany. BIOFACH is the biggest exhibition for organic products worldwide. Demeter Egypt showed some products from its members, and the team had the chance to speak about the services which are offered to their members. EBDA also introduced the Economy of Love (EoL) standard and the EoL carbon credits system. Many people and companies from different countries such as India, Tunisia, Morocco, and Italy were interested in the new standard and the carbon credits system.