International Standard for the Use and Certification of Demeter, Biodynamic and Related Trademarks (July 2019)

The Standards for the use of Demeter®, Biodynamic® and other related trademarks set out the criteria and framework within which products are certified with these trademarks. In each instance in the standards in which the word, stylised word, logo or trademark ‘Demeter’ appears, Biodynamic® is implied. They provide a legal basis, equally binding on all contracted parties, to assure the quality and integrity of Demeter and Biodynamic products. This document sets out the vision, mission and aims that provide the inspiration for biodynamic production and processing, the principles that inform the standards and the standards themselves. It also outlines the processes by which these standards are developed and implemented by Demeter International. All products that carry the Demeter and Biodynamic trademarks are produced and processes according to these standards and are inspected and certified by the responsible authority in the respective countries. Fundamental to all Demeter activity and products is the recognition that as humans we rely on the generosity of the natural world.