Converting to organic farming

Everyday we buy food – without knowing where it comes from, who grew it and how it was grown. With just a bit of knowledge on the overuse of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, many people fear what they are eating is very unhealthy.
Because of this, people are willing to pay a higher price for a food label they trust. Health-and environmentally conscious people buy food with the label “organic”. (RICH PEOPLE!!)
Organic labels means that farmers are farming means؟؟؟ working with nature and actively promoting biodiversity. They apply natural practices and reduce their dependence on expensive chemical inputs that are unhealthy, and pollute our environment.
First, they must build living soil – that is alive with millions of microorganisms. We can do and support this, by for example making compost and compost tea.
We must work with the seasons, to ensure crop rotations that regenerate the soil – by integrating legumes – that are able to catch nitrogen from the air.
We must develop diversity on our farms, by growing a variety of crops, while also planting hedges, flowers and trees that house diverse animals and insects that provide a balance of pests and pathogens.
We can boost our farm by releasing insect predators – that will resolve pest infestations, and natural sprays that protect our plants without poisoning us, or the environment.
We raise animals in an ethical and natural way, developing their healthy and vital immune system.
While making this shift is a challenge for conventional farmers, you can seek technical support. To convert to organic, you will learn to apply new practices and also benefit from the growing global market for organic labelled foods.
You can easily get in touch with us, the Egyptian Biodynamic Association to start your conversion towards organic certification. New lands can become organic immediately, whereas if you convert old lands require؟؟ we will guide on the practices to apply over 3 years.
Converting to organic is a noble work, and you will join our network of organic farmers across Egypt that believe in food that is fully safe to eat, that؟؟ preserves our food heritage and honours our soils.