The Future of Agriculture in Egypt 2020

This version is subsequent to the previous version “The Future of Agriculture”, which was written by the Carbon Footprint Center in 2016 (version 1, 2016). Due to our vision to face many challenges in regards to climate change, food insecurity, water scarcity, and desertification we decided to rewrite and update the original study after the new economic development in Egypt. In November 2016, Egypt floated the Egyptian Pound, against all foreign currencies, in a move that has reduced its value by almost 50% against the US dollar as one step on the long way to improved economic performance.

Considering these developments, this study was initiated to update the cost analysis in different approaches in the agriculture sector with the same objective to analyze the economic costs for five of the strategic crops growing in both old and new land in Egypt in 2019 and comparing these results with the published data of 2015. Thus, getting an overview whether the organic or the conventional growing system is ecologically and economically more sustainable for the long-term future.