Supporting National Certification Bodies

Organic certifications assist in organic agriculture growth; it guarantees the agriculture’s quality and prevents harmful practices to the land and consumers health. All certification bodies operating in Egypt today are European, which results in expensive certification costs for farmers in certifying their farms. Currently we are supporting the Center of Organic Agriculture in Egypt (COAE) in the process of reaccreditation to organic. The second national control body; Icert for Development of Agriculture systems, is also in the process of accreditation to organic and will be supported from the project. Within this development, also small-scale farmers can gain access to organic certification and consequently contribute to the impact of the organic sector.

Day by day, we work towards achieving a sustainable organic agriculture system, from the farm, through the value chain to the end consumer. We build awareness among the public; to build capacity and facilitating the conversion of farmers to organic agriculture, everything we do aims to strengthen the organic movement and lead it forward.

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