1 - Enhancing Organizational and Governance Structure

An external point-of-view can shed light on key risks and/or opportunities that might have been overseen by associations overwhelmed with their activities. Organic Egypt’s program consists of these three stages: situation analysis, solution prototyping, and follow-up & support; to help them create an action plan, set clear accountabilities to have a more effective internal structure, set an updated organizational chart with roles and job descriptions, plan for effective networking locally and internationally, and in turn they will have more effective and efficient services for Organic farmers.

2 - Increasing Efficiency of Internal Activities

Organic Egypt supports in defining the core processes of the associations’ activities and measure their performance. Farmers are more mobile today, and so expect a certain level of quality of services; also, they need associations to respond quickly and to offer personal adapted services. Consistent core business processes and data representation is essential to allow decision-makers to respond quickly to the changing market. In order to maintain and offer effective and efficient services, associations need to have a clear picture of their core processes and how to develop their processes and keep them up-to-date.

3 - Developing New Innovative Services

Organic Egypt facilitates the process of finding new innovative services that associations can offer to their members; to ensure the availability of up-to-date knowledge, as well as effective communication and exchange among farmers.

4 - Capacity Building and Training Programs

One of the goals of Organic Egypt is to strengthen the associations to match the needs of their members. In the course of achieving this goal, the associations receive capacity building and training programs according to their needs. To be able to consult their members or potential members in converting from conventional to organic agriculture, in organic cultivation techniques as well as certification meters.

5 - Collecting and Developing Training and Learning Material

We ensure the associations are sufficiently equipped to provide their members with effective and efficient consulting, learning and training materials. Not only collecting, validating and disseminating existing training and learning materials is supported by Organic Egypt but also developing new materials in the topics needed.

6 - Supporting Research and Pilot Project

Organic Egypt supports research and pilot projects of agricultural associations that experiment with new organic agriculture approaches and techniques such as practice-based research approach that address farmers' needs and challenges. All topics promoting the growth of the organic agriculture sector in Egypt such as applied field research, showcasing solutions, field trials with adapted plant species and breeding, new innovative irrigation methods and other similar topics; are supported by Organic Egypt's resources and expertise.

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